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Our Experienced Mechanics Are Ready to Work on Your Car

Whether your vehicle requires tire repairs, engine repairs, brakes services or something else, our mechanics at Adair Auto Repair are ready to get the work done right. Our team is properly equipped and trained to address all of your car’s current and future needs. Many services, such as a wheel alignment and preventative maintenance may extend the life of auto components and help you to avoid engine repairs, tire repairs and other types of auto repairs. We are passionate about providing our customers with the highest level of workmanship. At the same time, we only use quality replacement parts, and we work efficiently to give you an all-around great experience in our shop.

Services at Adair Auto Repair

  • Suspension
  • Brake Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Tire Repair
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Alternator
  • Auto A/C Repair & Service
  • Auto Diagnostics
  • Auto Electrical Diagnostics & Repair
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Batteries
  • Brake Repair & Service
  • Check Engine Light
  • Clutch Repair & Replacement
  • Coolant/Antifreeze Change
  • CV Joints
  • Diesel Pick-Up Repair
  • Differentials & Axles
  • Drive Axles
  • Emission System Repairs
  • Engine Repair & Replacement
  • Exhaust/Muffler Repair & Service
  • Fluid Flushes
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Front-Wheel Drive
  • Fuel Injection Cleaning
  • Heating Systems
  • Oil Change/Lube Service
  • Overdrive Transmissions
  • Power Doors & Windows
  • Radiator Repair & Service
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Standard Transmissions
  • Starters
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Transfer Cases
  • Transmission Flush
  • Tune-ups
  • U-Joints
  • Water Pumps
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Suspension, Shocks & Struts
  • Wheel Balance
  • Transmission Repair & Service

More on Our Auto Service Specialties

  • Suspension


    Your vehicle’s suspension system maintains a smooth ride while giving you better control over steering and more. If your vehicle’s suspension system is showing signs of wear, do not delay bringing it into our Calgary service center. Worn components can place additional stress on other parts, and this means that the damage can escalate quickly if your suspension system does not receive the full attention that it needs as soon as possible. If you have noticed signs of suspension issues, now is the right time to connect with our mechanics for much-needed auto care.

  • Brake Repair

    Brake Repair

    Are your brakes grinding or making unusual sounds? These and other obvious signs of worn brakes should not be overlooked. Your brakes directly affect vehicle performance and safety. When the pads are not replaced when needed, other components of the brakes system may experience greater wear. For example, if you do not service your brakes promptly, the rotors, drums and other equipment could wear out more quickly. Our mechanics are ready to inspect your brakes and can complete any type of needed repairs to your car’s braking system.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance

    Following your automaker’s preventative maintenance schedule is an essential part of vehicle ownership. The preventative maintenance schedule includes tasks like changing the oil and filter, rotating the tires, checking the hoses, checking and replacing the battery and more. With preventative maintenance completed in a timely manner, your vehicle’s life and efficiency may be optimized, and repairs can be minimized. Our mechanics at Adair Auto Repair can complete all recommended preventative maintenance services on your car.

  • Wheel Alignment

    Wheel Alignment

    Over time, your vehicle’s wheel alignment may be thrown off track. With poor wheel alignment, the tires can wear heavily, and tire repair may be required sooner than it otherwise may be needed. Wheel alignment also directly affects steering, handling, the suspension system and overall performance. A wheel alignment should be completed each time you bring your car to us for a tire repair, replacement or rotation. You should also schedule wheel alignment if you notice your vehicle pulling to one side when you are driving on a level surface.

  • Engine Diagnostics

    Engine Diagnostics

    Has your car’s check engine light turned on? This is one of several signs that may indicate the need for prompt engine repair service. Engine repairs can be completed quickly and easily in some cases. For example, replacing a worn belt or a missing gas cap could resolve your issues. Engine repairs may also be associated with damage to the coolant system, the radiator, the transmission and many other components. When you turn to our mechanics for engine repairs, we will initially complete diagnostics to identify the cause.

  • Tire Repair

    Tire Repair

    Bringing your car to Adair Auto Repair for tire rotations and air pressure checks periodically can delay the need for tire repairs and replacements. However, tires will wear with regular use of the vehicle, and we are the shop to turn to for tire repairs and replacements. Whether you need tire repair work to seal an air leak or it is time to replace all of your tires, you can expect fast, reliable service from our team.