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Out of Province Inspection Service in Calgary, AB

Adair Auto Repair in Calgary is certified to perform all your Alberta vehicle inspection requirements, including Out of Province Inspections. Our technicians help drivers stay in compliance with government standards by making sure all vehicle systems are functioning properly and safely, and if we need to make a repair or perform a maintenance service for you to pass an Out of Province Inspection, we'll take care of the issue expertly and efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about Out of Province Inspections and call our Calgary auto repair shop to make an appointment for provincial inspection service.

What is an Out of Province Inspection?

A vehicle from outside Alberta must pass an Alberta Out of Province Vehicle Inspection before license plates can be issued. The inspection involves a basic safety and mechanical fitness assessment and must be performed by a certified journeyman technician who is licensed by the Alberta Transportation's Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP), like our technicians at Adair Auto Repair. The mechanical fitness portion of the Out of Province Inspection involves nearly all vehicle components, including:

  • Fuel and exhaust systems
  • All electrical systems
  • Engine controls
  • Powertrain
  • DrivelineFuel and exhaust systems
  • Steering and suspension
  • Braking systems
  • Wiring and lights
  • Tires
  • Auto Glass
  • Wipers
  • Defrosters

To pass the Out of Province Inspection, your vehicle must be maintained within Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) standards of wear tolerances. If your vehicle is found to need auto repairs or maintenance during the inspection, you may choose to take your vehicle to more than one Out of Province Inspection facility before deciding to complete the suggested auto repairs. If you've already been to one auto repair shop for a provincial inspection, but you'd like a second opinion, we welcome you and your vehicle at Adair Auto Repair.

Provincial Inspection Deadlines

If your vehicle does fail an Out of Province Inspection, it must be repaired within 10 days of the failure notice to avoid an additional full inspection fee assessment. Repaired vehicles presented for re-inspection (within that 10-day period) will be subject to verification of required repairs only. Out of Province Inspection certificates are valid for 14 days, and vehicles must be registered in Alberta before the expiration date. If you don't register your vehicle within 14 days, a full Out of Province Vehicle Inspection will be required again.

Call Adair Auto Repair for Your Out of Province Inspection!

If you need an Out of Province Inspection to register your car in Alberta, please call Adair Auto Repair. We serve the entire Calgary area, including Chestermere, Janet, Bennett, Crowchild, Langdon, Okotoks, Simons Valley, Strathmore, Cheadle, and Airdrie.